Commonly known as "The Giant Worm", these creature inhabits in the darkest depths of the Ascension Cave. Most people are afraid of pronouncing its cursed name. Only the bravest of the adventures dare to say that word aloud. Wormorok is a huge monster of unknown origin. It is believed that Chaos, supreme god, created it to punish the arrogance of the grandfather of the current Goblin King. Others think that simply the worm arrives at the ancient land of the goblin people attracted by the mining activity in the area. There is even a theory that suggests it comes from a mysterious underground world yet to be discovered. Its name means "nightmare" in the goblin language.


Its byname does not lie, Wormorok is a giant worm, deadly and simple as it sounds. Its red eyes can be distinguished in the dark. It is covered from one side to another by plates that serve as a natural shield. These wards make the creature practically invulnerable to normal attacks and also allow it to dig tunnels with no danger of collapse thanks to the pikes all over its large body.

But its main digging tool is its mouth, devastating maws with eight main tooth and countless small tusks inside. Using rotating movements the worm can make its way through any kind of terrain. Not even the toughest materials are safe from this living tunnel boring machine. Wormorok can also use its mouth as a weapon. If someone is caught by these deadly maws, they will find a horrible death, being crushed by sharp teeth and swallowed. If they are still alive after reaching the stomach, the fluids will do the rest.

Strengths and weaknesses

Wormorok is fully protected by its toothed maw and armoured body. Melee attacks and arrows can not break that shield, any conventional attack would only tickle the monster. Its fast maws can kill you in seconds. Only one of its bites is enough to lose almost all of your health points. Besides, Wormorok has a powerful troat that causes worm eggs to hatch when it screams for help, so you will also have to deal with its babies while confronting the mother worm.

Being design as a final boss for a level, Wormorok has only one weak point, its red eyes. A well-placed arrow shot causes a lot of pain to the creature, who always gets to cover after a direct hot on its eyes. You may think is impossible to reach that weak point, but when the worm surfaces, it seems a bit dazed for a few seconds.


If you stand still with this huge creature around, you are in trouble. The key to defeat Wormorok and complete the task called Clear the path is simple: never stop moving. Of course, it sounds easier than it seems. Use the jump and teleport mechanic to avoid being hit by it spinning maws. When you see it stops moving, it means its about to bite so dash and continue until the worm surfaces.

Once you have one of its eyes in range, shoot an arrow. The creature will twist in pain and scream for help. Multiple worm egg will fall over your position. Destroy them with the sword and prepare to fight the baby worms until the mother is ready again. Repeat this process three times and you will have defeated the giant worm.

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