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The Light Tower is one of the 16 areas of the world of Aeterna. The level is located just upon the Ascension Cave and also connected with the Heroes' Rest. It is perfectly recognisable due to its vertical design and its orange and brown colour palette. This unique aesthetic is the result of the presence of light all over the area. The giant structure was created by Chaos himself to guard the cursed soul of the Queen of Light. Every time a cycle is completed and the King of Darkness starts his reign, the lady is reborn in the Light Tower through her soul captured by the Supreme


As its name suggests, the Light Tower is a huge building, one of the highest in all Aeterna, and it is made by light essence. The entire area has a purpose: contain the fuel extracted in the Cradle of Light. This lighting is used to feed the queen's soul and guarded by the celestial creatures that inhabit the area. Despite being a stable energy flow, the ray needs to discharge every 20 seconds to keep safe the soul of the cursed queen. In order to prevent the destruction of the Light Tower, the lighting is surrounded by a mesh that controls the expansion of the energy charge.

You can only advance through a tower by climbing or using the stairs. There are lots of platforms that provide an ascending path. However, any outsider will be exposed to the ray discharge every 20 seconds and will need to get to cover. The lighting can not reach the sides of the structure, so there is where you will find shelter. Portals are also very common in this area and can be used to reach far distances and get away from the enemies that populate the level from start to finish. The Light Tower has a vertical design but it doesn't mean the player needs to move up all the time. The area hides multiple secrets and side rooms, so if you need to rest after running from the lighting, collect some blood from enemies to recover health points or want to explore before facing the boss level, you will find several chambers in different levels of the tower.

The entire area is decorated with motifs that point out the balance between light and darkness. There are columns, sculptures and carvings on every side of the structure referencing the light soul on the top of the tower. The windows provide a beautiful atmosphere allowing the sun's rays to flood the room.

Fauna and inhabitants[]

Light tower enemies.jpg

The Light Tower has no organic life forms. Due to the presence of light and the radiations from the energy discharge, celestial creatures are the only capable of inhabiting the area. These beings are half synthetic and half biological and have two main characteristics: a pair of wings and a resist body shield, both made by light essence.

There are three types of celestial entities, each one with its own behaviour, attack patrons and weak points. Bishops are the most basic creatures of the Light Tower, but it doesn't make them less dangerous. These grunts are recognisable thanks to the needle shape they adopt to attack their opponents. Queens are the next evolutionary step and use a powerful projectile as their main attack. They have no melee options, but their homing bullets can be a real threat. Bishops and queens are thin and fast beasts, but rooks , the ultimate phase of this family tree are described us flying strongholds armed with energy whips. However, they can be used to reach distance platforms.