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Heroes' Rest is one of the 16 maps of the world of Aeterna and one of the largest. The area is also an important nexus between several zones, including Ascension Cave, Light Tower and Wasteland of the Fallen. The name of this level speaks from itself. Heroes' Rest is the land were brave warriors from ancient ages are buried. As is written on the Chaos Commandments, both heroes of Light and Darkness fell in battle must rest under the surface of this huge cemetery for the whole eternity. While their souls may lie in peace, their decomposed bodies wander among the tombs and crypts of this cursed place.


This is a large area, with plenty of graveyards, old cathedrals, ruined churches and underground tunnels. Due to its macabre purpose, Heroes' Rest has a horror atmosphere, not only by the presence of undead warriors, but also the architecture of the buildings scattered throughout the level, particularly the crypts. This area is first and foremost a huge graveyard, so dark gothic elements are very common. Statues of fallen warriors of all races and ages, gargoyles, monoliths and other creepy details decorate each corner of the map.

The inner levels of Heroes Rest also have a terrifying aura. Stained glass windows decorate entire rooms inside the cathedrals, creating a beautiful image in contrast to the predominantly green colour palette. The crypts on the other side are the darkest levels and have tombs and spiderwebs decorating their walls. Fire is an important element in Heroes' Rest. It not only provides a source of light but is also present in key areas such as the burning library. Finally, the sewers are dangerous and narrow corridors located under the surface of Heroes' Rest, were waterfalls and insect nest are predominate.

Heroes' Rest is also full of traps. Falling platforms can be found in the most difficult puzzles as well as spear traps and other sharp objects. This is definitely an area that only the most skilled warriors can overcome.

Fauna and inhabitants[]

Enemy roster heroes rest.jpg

Due to its large size, Heroes' Rest is populated by a huge roster of creatures. Unfortunately, all of them are aggressive and will attack any outsider without hesitation. This peculiar fauna can be divide into two categories.

The skeleton army is the main faction in this area. Their troops patrol every tunnel, crypt and graveyard. These undead soldiers are the previously buried heroes who have come back to life turned into zombies thirsty for fresh blood. Among their ranks there are archers, warriors, giants, and even wizards. Each one is specialized in a unique combat style. It is sad to know that these condemned souls were once famous heroes crowned by the glory of their victories in dozens of battles.

Heroes' Rest is also inhabited by life forms. Bats can be found resting in the crypts and sewers, ready to attack at any time. The bats from this area are called flying leeches due to their due to its particular attraction to human blood. Insects are very common too, like the stalking spiders and all variants of bees: baby bees, praetorian drones and queens.