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Bishops are native creatures from the Light Tower. Half machine, half living beings, these guardians protect the energy lighting and can be found all around the area. As any other celestial life form, they were created by the Light itself to serve as guardians of the tower. They have no other purpose that keeping the energy discharge safe and functional.


Their body is a perfect union of synthetic fragments and biological material. Bishops wear a full body armour that includes head protection and a shield to protect their the crucial parts of their mechanic system. Most of their living essence is located on their head, guarded by a battle helmet with multiple holes to provide enough vision. Of course, they have a pair of wings that provide them flying and combat abilities.

Strengths and weaknesses[]

Celestial beings use to attack in large numbers, and bishops are no exception. Every level of the Light Tower is inhabited by these light creatures, and you rarely will encounter a single bishop at once. Their light nature made them immune to the energy light so they can chase the King of Darkness all over the platform sections.

Their main attack a weak point at the same time. Bishops use their sharp body form to adopt a needle shape and hit their targets. This charge can be avoidable with the correct timing, but a little mistake can get you killed very fast.


Jump over the multiple platforms you will encounter through the Light Tower while the bishop patrols fly around you. It is crucial to not be surrounded by them against one of the walls when you get into cover to avoid the lighting. Their wings will keep them safe from your sword, but once they adopt their needle shape, you will get the chance to strike back. Dash or jump over them the moment before they hit you and finish them with a couple of melee attacks.